Final few steps!

In a previous post I proudly talked about the fact that our son Alex has been fundraising this year for the South Herts branch of the MNDA. He aims to run 1,000 kilometres in 2021 and raise £10,000. The Watford Observer covered the story on 26 November:

Following publication of the article, Alex achieved his financial target! He has just a few more runs this month to achieve his kilometre total too.

There’s still time to contribute though, so please spread the word. Here’s a link to his Just Giving page:

9 thoughts on “Final few steps!

  1. Dear Peter. I have read your diary and thank you for the insight into this most awful disease. Needless to say both Hugh and I are overwhelmed by your bravery and willingness to communicate how the disease progresses. Thank goodness there are the means today for you to communicate even when unable to type with fingers. We also acknowledge the contribution made by Sue at your side, and the wider family. Being on one’s own with MND doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m ashamed to say I have failed to contribute to Alex’s effort but will set that right. With love Eileen & Hugh

  2. Your posts have helped carry me through the bewildering landscape as the wife of someone with ALS. We are a few months behind you, and it brings me a sense of peace to read them. Thank you from NC, US.

  3. Been reading this incredibly brave , intelligent and thoughtful blog from the beginning. Very moved by it. We remember you as a lovely young man at Uni and it is so cruel and unfair that you should have contracted MND.
    This blog will be an enormous help to anyone suffering from MND. I have already passed it on to someone whose father was diagnosed with it very recently . Well done for your honesty, clarity and optimism in the face of you daily grim reality.
    You and Sue will be in my prayers fir comfort and strength. I know nothing is impossible with God. Ian joins me in sending our love.

  4. Hi Peter, we worked together in the old BAA days and so connected LinkedIn. A great achievement by Alex for such an important cause. My friend lost her husband to MND so the cause is close to my heart. I spent some time reading your blogs today, so informative of this harsh condition and yet equally heartwarming and inspiring. I can not imagine what you and your family are going through but I am a great believer that acceptance brings peace and enables living (and finding joy) in the moment as you describe so eloquently in your blogs. If you haven’t read it yet I would really recommend reading Eckhart Tolle’s books, the insights very much helped my friend’s husband on his MND journey. Wishing you and your family peace. Liz (Wilson) x

    1. Hi Liz, one of the good things about my MND (in these days of electronic communication) has been the way in which long-standing connections have been rekindled. I’ll definitely follow up on your book recommendation – thank you. Best wishes for 2022!

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