This cramp is getting to be a nuisance

My shoulder was no better really, and now I was beginning to get more severe cramp, this time in both my legs nearly every night.  They would seize up while I was sleeping, and I would leap out of bed in agony.  

I went to the doctor to talk about these things, and also my increasing tiredness.  I was told I should have made more than one appointment if I wanted to talk about more than one problem.  Not very helpful.

My GP prescribed Quinine Sulfate for the cramp and physiotherapy for the shoulder pain.  The NHS physiotherapy was pretty disappointing; in effect I was only given a set of exercises to do on my own at home.  No-one examined my shoulder or gave me a clue about what the problem might be.  After about four sessions (during which the physiotherapist seemed to become increasingly frustrated with my lack of progress) I decided to discharge myself.

I had taken a tumble down some steps in the garden a few months earlier so we got a local craftsman to install some handrails.